10 tips to maintain company fellowship remotely

- Annica Thorberg Mar 27, 2020 11:31:28 AM

Due to current events unfolding, more employees are encouraged to work remotely or from home as much as possible. That is to say if you have a job where you can access your work from your home computer or laptop. However, this can impact productivity as it can:

  • Decrease. The employees feel lonely.
  • Working from home is not always the best work environment i.e if you live alone.
  • It can be hard to find motivation and stimulate the brain productively when working alone.

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The art of leadership is not as obvious as many think. A good leader inspires its employees to be their best selves. To pinpoint their best qualities and bring them out. Here are some tips for you as a boss to inspire your team in this time of isolation.

  1. Set up digital communication platforms that suit all employees. See my list of 15 digital communication tools to use. 
  2. Dedicate 1 hour to open floor communication for the team to come up with ideas on how to communicate efficiently as a team everyday.
  3. Have a schedule like you would in the office (morning, lunch, evening). Invite everyone’s input regarding progress, upcoming tasks, what has been produced so far. 
  4. Implement a 5-10 min exercise period each day to improve job performance, productivity and overall well being.
  5. Create both individual targets as well as group targets each week.
  6. Offer one-on-one meetings everyday.
  7. Utilize online platforms as a collective learning tool. (Watch a Youtube video or listen to a podcast and discuss the key points and how they can be implemented into your day.)
  8. Have access to an easy report system where all employees can post.
  9. Introduce a friendly competition where all employees can participate with input on how to build teamwork. (Reward all employees)
  10. Have an "End of the week" review where employees reflect on the weeks work and suggest ways to improve 

I hope I have inspired you all to take these small but very efficient ideas to heart during these challenging times. Productivity is the reflection of positivity. Times are tough but with our chins held high we will all get through this together.

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