18 tips to use when conducting a webinar

- Annica Thorberg Mar 30, 2020 6:09:45 PM

I have participated and conducted several digital meetings, conferences, trainings and webinars for many years and it has become a norm to me. Now that more and more companies and individuals rely on technology to conduct their work on, I am happy to contribute my experiences to make it easier for you.tips for conducting webinar (2)

Adjusting your seminars, training courses and workshops to an online platform is seamlessly easy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind but if followed correctly you will be able to conduct your webinars hassle free. Here are some tips based off my personal experience to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

Here are my 18 tips to consider while conducting a webinar:

  1. Plan and post your webinar ahead of time.
  2. Think about your target audience.
  3. Set goals for yourself for what you want to achieve from the webinar.
  4. Prior to the live webinar double-check that all functions are working i.e. microphone, slides, presentation, audio etc.
  5. Examine the presentation from a presenters view aswell as the view of the audience.
  6. Inform the audience how they can participate.
  7. Have a strong introduction that catches the audience’s attention and gain’s interest.
  8. Use multiple media outlets (videos, websites, photos)
  9. Invest in a professional microphone or headset.
  10. Inform the audience in advance how long you intend to spend for Q & As (about 1 hour total time of which 15 min for questions), tell them they can post their questions in the chat section.
  11. Take 1-3 minutes initially and invite people to introduce themselves in the chat.
  12. It is handy to have a “wingman” to help you present. Rotate every couple of minutes so you have time to answer the questions on the live chat during the presentation.
  13. Prepare a welcome image to break the ice with the audience. It can be some fun facts about yourself, a funny joke or some information regarding the presentation.
  14. Remember to talk clearly and confidently. Ensure you are talking at a reasonable pace and with a valiant and inviting tone. Keeping in mind every 7 minutes our brains need extra stimulation.
  15. Take a 10 second pause when asking questions and ask the audience to reflect.
  16. Be welcoming and funny. Remember it a social interaction so humor is encouraged.
  17. Take a 5 minute pause to let yourself and the audience to stretch their legs or grab some air.
  18. End the presentation on a high note. Perhaps a quote, a small summary or a video relating to the presentation. Dedicate the end slide for information on how to contact you and get a hold of the presentation.

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